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SPYDA 'Slaughter' - Visual Treatment

In this song, Spyda exhibits a glimpse of his nightlife and savage demeanor. We will film at 2locations to portray this twisted, turnt vibe.

Chef Blaze Introduction

Chef Blaze recipes are comedic, unique, and tasty. Expect all of them to have interesting names and backstories on how they were created.

Top Street Poets For 2020

Street Poets uphold hip hop to high levels, put quality before quantity, inspiring the next generation, and break barriers for rap music.

Dear Santa

On a lonely snowy day, A Detroit Woman chills alone in her living room. Dear Santa, Am I too naughty for you to visit me for Christmas?

Peek in the Freak 2how

The 2nd Annual Freak Show was FUN. Seriously. The videos, performers, and energy of the crowd - all represented true Halloween vibes.

Intimate & Effective Messaging

To be successful in advertising, you must think of it as sharing new info or passing on knowledge. Craft it as it is a gift & they'll accept

Another INTERESTING Aspect of Sports

In sports biology class or exercise science, there was a basic principle that stalked the curriculum, which explains the limits of humans.


JUAN MICHAEL OG - Demons Dont Think Twice (October 2019) Apple Music, Youtube & more QUICK RECAP: 9.4/10 KEYWORDS: Fun, flowing, & freaky...

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