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The new album from Drego & Beno is Courageous and Contagious.

What ‘street’ Detroit Rappers were afraid of: the ability of inner city cohorts to be able to ride the beat flawlessly from melodic stringing of slappable rhymes, with the same gritty intention of their ‘noautotune’ catalog. 

This is definitely sumn our town hasn't been on. The sheer ease in which they do it with, is amazing. The pure polish is definitely something the group should be proud of. 

An unexpected joy to my ears. Is it a 10/10? I am not gonna say that. But is it easier to listen to, and better than most albums & long projects; from famous artists like Young Thug, Shy Glizzy, Nas, and even Lil Wayne?????


Speaking of which. Lil Wayne was Detroit’s Underground King from 2007-2011. Every dealer under 26 and every kid over 11 witnessed the monthly onslaught of his mixtape mayhem. 

With Drego & Beno falling in that age group, the influence is clear. This is a Detroit Dedication 3. Futuristic, Different, Precise, Turnt, Lean influenced and Fun.

An evolution, maybe even a revolution of the Detroit Trap Sound. Sada Baby is definitely a noticeable pioneer of the ‘no ceilings’ approach of Murder Mitten Music. Then Cash Kidd, Jaiswan and 5674 came out with their distinct carry-on syllable slinging. 

Now, Drego & Beno stake their flag at the top of the Motown mountain of mud music with an album you can count up to, roll up po up, take trips, chill wit yo f*ck buddy, and online shop to, lmao. 

Do not be surprised when more Midwest artists start sounding like ‘Meet Us Outer Space’. And fasho don't be shocked when their next tape is a totally different drip. This tape showed us that they are fulla so much style & swag that they can adapt to any type of challenge. Because I listened 3 times thru, before I knew I was going to write this.

They proved they can successfully mold into the mainstream formula. Now they need to show that their stories & bars can continue to set themselves apart from the rest, while still going the auto-tune route. I feel like auto tune gives rappers a tendency to become lazy lyrically. I cant expect them to drop Cassidy bars while singing, but you know what I mean.

Stand Out Tracks: 11.Hate On You, 15.Slimed Out, 2.Swear To God, 5.NYC, and 1.Slimetro

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