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Intimate & Effective Messaging

Intimate and Effective Marketing

Marketing, advertising, pitching, promoting: those are all fancy words that really mean ‘Asking for Money’.

 Which is fine, until you realize - How often do you ask strangers for money?

We ask strangers for money very often and we cannot expect them to care or hand over the cash.

Nowadays, we meet a lot of people, receive interest and views from the internet. These internet interactions are usually quick or ungenuine acts of self gratification. Not the strongest connections. 

When asking for money, you would be more successful requesting monetary contributions from; people that care about you, those whom you’ve made a personal connection with, former clients & partners, and fans.

There are ways to reach these people. There exists some working methods that urge these personified bonds to read your advertising message and consider taking action. You must take time to separate these connected people from the general strangers out in the world or internet. And lazily posting content to your Facebook or Instagram story is definitely not the way to do it. It is quick & easy, some finger taps here & there, but it becomes harder to receive a return that lasts.

One of the easiest ways is to create a beautiful paragraph with a link in it. Copy & paste this message and send to everyone in your phone. This is so before you press send, type ‘Hey Billy!’ or ‘Wassup Chris’ to personalize it.

There is a great chance that you have made a positive impression on someone, for them to give you their number. So there is some form of a bond, that should grant them special consideration, over a stranger. This special consideration comes in the form of a personal note, that is delivered directly to their mobile device with a notification and possibly a buzz. 

If they are interested, they will click the link and mission accomplished. If the person doesn't click, they still have received some new information and will be more aware of your name & endeavors. 

This method is free

Another cool way, is printing postcards and mailing them to people in your area. In your message, highlight that you are from around the way so it gives them a connection to you. There creates a good probability of having better return on investment in advertising using resources on people that live nearby.

Unless you are on a worldwide tour, it will be easier for these local targets to spend money & time on you. They get a chance to drive less than 20 minutes to see your art, performance, movie, store, show, etc.

This will cost money, but there are ways to make it super cheap even while mailing 350 people.


You might want to include a message that states if the person that reads this isnt interested, please pass along to someone who may. Because this advertisement is one that can be held and posted up, it doesn't feel like spam. 

Remember the guy whos always DMing you ads or leaving the same comment under every popular post? That is closer to spam. Sending someone physical information that took money & diligence to create & deliver, is far from spam. 

One other great method for using money on marketing is, investing in yourself by hosting a $0-3 event. This will probably run you $50-600 but it is the ultimate form of connection. Its like a birthday party. Everyone comes in and gets to eat, drink, and party for free while they are forced to take in whatever message you have to give. Whether you showing them items you have for sale or prepping for them to spend money on a product/service you are releasing later - they are there to listen and absorb your vibe.

This is a cool way of gaining access to people’s numbers, emails, internet handles and home addresses so you can send more effective, low cost promotions later.

And you know, once you go to someone’s birthday party, you remember them forever and you develop a new appreciation for their life. So throw a ‘birthday party’ by offering a free or low cost event or benefit for your advertising targets.

To be successful in advertising, you must think of it as sharing new info or passing on knowledge. So as long as you craft it in a way that is like a gift, it will be hard for people not to accept it. 

If you are confident in your product, art or service -

But not so sure about your ability to market yourself and develop powerful messaging -

I am offering very affordable writing services and graphic design help to boost the effectiveness of your marketing.

Writing Subscriptions - $5 per month + $20 enrollment fee 

Graphic Design Pack - $20 monthly + $40 enrollment fee

You can cancel and start back up at any time. There is no pressure. 

Thanks for taking your time & reading! I hope you enjoy and utilize this info.


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