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Peek in the Freak 2how

The 2nd Annual Freak Show was FUN. Seriously. The videos, performers, and energy of the crowd - all represented the party & creative vibe of Halloween. On October 30, over 60 souls came to see the salacious cinema and speculate the sinister show. 

It was a combination of outstanding visuals, music and art. There were even some lucky attendees that received some exclusive prints of graphic creations from Blazeagram.

Some people got the special package that came with two free drinks across the street at 734 Brewing. There was specially made #Freak2how art by the graphic designer and musician @AyeHawk. The Brewery was already hosting phantasmic art by Decaf. So patrons could drink magical elixir while viewing thrilling designs, floating along the wall.

Actresses & Performers ‘Cinnamon & Ginger’ did a special dance,  interacting with the audience as they got a surreal experience.

Kid Pullen, Nu Moni Zeus, and EMAG premiered their music videos at the event and all received applause.

The musicians rocked the house, it was so much turnt music! One of the MCs almost started a circle of silence for a lost soul but we were in full party mode so we kept the show going.

The booked photographer from Detroit got into car problems in the rain storm and didn't get a chance to make it. But (talent by talent) came and recorded the show! Hopefully we can share some of the media & memories soon.

We started an hour late because the rain was so bad that people couldn't get out of their cars, and we stayed an hour later until Halloween hit at midnight. Because the scheduling was tight, we didnt get to make it to the finale of Torture Chamber & Street’s Disciples but the audience still got to see the world premiere of Take Me To Your Dealer and other movies for the first time. There were provided by producers from around the area such as Matt Wilken, Johannes Pardi, Xerox Visuals, Brendan Martin and more! (website coming soon)

On Monday, November 4th, the Annual Freak Show announced that we are locked in for October 30, 2020. The locations will be announced soon but expect new, frightening beauty at an exhilarating event like no other. #FR3AKSHOW

For the exclusive content that has not yet been seen, we will be hosting a Scary Site Movie Nite where there will be focus on twisted, thrilling visuals in film, designs and music. Stay tuned to our instagram @the.fr3akshow Follow for all updates and sacred information.

If you want to submit any artwork, performances, music, videos, movies, poems, animations, apparel, food, books, toys, or whatever; send inquiries to:

Thank you for all of your support! It is our destiny to introduce the most exciting exhibition of eerie entertainment on Earth. If you enjoy Halloween or fine creatives with deep passion, this is the place for you. 

Here is the first piece of promotional media for the Third Annual Freak Show Extravaganza

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