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SPYDA 'Slaughter' - Visual Treatment

Slaughter - Sl4u6#ter Version2

Starring - SK Spyda

Director - Red Jennings

Co-Stars - Cinnamon & Ginger

Locations: Abandoned WareHouse & Hotel Loft

In this song, Spyda exhibits a glimpse of his nightlife and savage demeanor. The beat has a fast pace with a hard bass line, dark pianos, and sweet use of subtle digital effects. This is a track you can use to hunt opps or party. There are a lot of lines about young women serving, dancing and doing sexual acts. The rap also mentions drinking, using recreational substances, possessing money, toting weapons, oozing confidence, and igniting violence. Slaughter is a super fun cut, that only stallions and roughnecks can relate to. Spyda oozes out natural talent as he uses slick storyteller techniques to paint a vivid picture. The star of the slaughter has an interesting voice and uses his vocal skill to ride the beat in a real rhythmic way.

Preview the song here:

The 2 locations used to portray this twisted, turnt vibe are an abandoned warehouse and a hotel loft.

The big abandoned warehouse is self explanatory. It relays a grand yet tough feel. The angles in this scene will make the emcee look dominant, powerful and menacing. The different shots of the forsaken factory will relay a tough, grimy and savage feeling to the audience. Spyda will be directed to be hyper with lots of erratic movement so the viewer can sense the fun energy in this dark location, instead of being intimidated. We will ask Spyda to make a lot of facial expressions, scrunching his face up. Imagine rapping inside a dirty, scary warehouse with a straight face. It wont work. So we need to show the savage emotions on your face, matching the movement, and complimenting the location. I may even use effects to make the star look like a mutant alien, similar to Venom.

The main location will be at a Hotel loft suite. This was originally supposed to be a strip club scene. The coronavirus pandemic has put a wrench in that. Spyda felt a nice suite will be a good replacement, as the party must go on. The club was obviously going to showcase exotic dancers, money, lights, bottles, smoke, and crews getting active with twisted mugs or smiles.

We will imitate that feeling in the Hotel while shaping it as a more exclusive, private experience. Especially since it's literally illegal to have public events or gatherings with a big group of ppl. This actually works perfectly because in the opening of the song, the SK spitta mentions walking in a hotel and treating it as a party venue. There will be a few gang members, a 2man camera crew and a visual vixen duo. There will be at least 4 different scenes with vibrant lighting styles in this location. Our most important mission is using cinematography to make the loft room look like an extravagant occasion meant to celebrate and provide practical relief for soldiers that trap in the field or go to work everyday.

The coStars will help in this endeavor. We hired two lovely ladies and professional dancers to come enhance the legitimacy that the viewers perceive. Cinnamon is a petite party princess with a devious demeanor, flawless skin, and sinister smile. Ginger is a voluptuous diva that is super sweet and sneaky freaky. They are so smart and talented, I can't wait to work with them again. Cin & Gin’s charisma and sexy style will make the viewers fall in love and watch the video multiple times. Spyda is young, wild and 'havin’, so his performance will be very entertaining, making you a supporter of his work.

Expect to see brilliant lighting setups, awkward angles, flying singles, bouncing booties, and crazy effects. #Blazeagram the Hottest Visuals on Earth.

Please stay tuned for the bts, photo shoot and the official video. I will be writing and releasing more treatments + pre production documents like shot lists, lighting diagrams, etc. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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